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What is Caching?

Caching is a method of generating static files from the current database driven dynamic files. By creating static files, a visitor to the site will load pages on their browser more rapidly.  Wordpress is a database driven site that means when a visitor to the site reaches a page, many thing must happen on the webserver and database. This takes time and when the server has a large number of visitors, the site may load slow.

Creating a static page is like making  a copy of a page and making it available for use when requested. This pay will not have to hit the database and take fewer resources to generate and distribute the page.

We use a caching software called WP Super Cache. While the caching function is transparent the only issue you may have is a delay in the updating of a publish page. This means you may update a page in the backend and if you try and view the page on the front end the update will not show. There is often a delay.