Reborn Coffee

Reborn Coffee
2933 E. Coast Hwy
Corona del Mar, CA 92625

Contact: Andrea Sotomayor
Phone: (949) 200-9718

Member Since: April 15, 2019

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Reborn Coffee

“We’re not looking for fame and fortune. We’re just excited to share our discovery of of Sprouted Coffee to the world. Now, we simply want to serve our iteration of what we believe is the best cup of joe and bring the world closer; one Reborn community at a time.” – Jay Kim, CEO of Reborn Coffee

Fourth wave coffee is a movement that we cannot ignore. It has rekindled a new passion and love for an art form that was once drowned out by mass production and convenience. Fourth wave coffee products are characterized by their ultra premium quality, responsibility and traceability in how and where they are sourced, and the meticulous method in which they are prepared and served. Among the monotonous sea of premium third wave coffee sprouts Reborn Coffee with an entirely new concept – Sprouted Coffee. We aim to not only knock your socks off with our sprouted coffee, we want to enrich the communities where Reborn Coffee is sold.