Mental Wellness Workshop at Priestley Family Chiropractic

Corona del Mar Chamber
Mental Wellness Workshop at Priestley Family Chiropractic


Why Your Mental Health Is Important

The brain is a complicated organ, and there are many facets to the way it works that we still don’t understand. When it comes to mental health, there are many myths, stigmas, and misconceptions that need to be addressed, because so many people live with mental health conditions.

The decline in mental health among young people, in particular, has notably increased since the beginning of the 20th century, with the likes of the so-called ‘age of technology’ and other substantial societal changes poorly impacting the general psyche and sense of wellbeing.

Understanding triggers, root causes, and emotional imbalances can help you implement strategies to maintain your mental health as well as better understand and empathize with the realities of those around you.

During this event, I’ll discuss some of the underlying reasons why people develop mental health issues, and also outline some effective strategies to prevent their onset.

The goal for Mental Wellness on Saturday, July 27th is to help you and your loved ones begin to acknowledge the importance of maintaining good mental health.