Corona del Mar BID
Parking & Safety


Corona del Mar has long been known as a “walking village” due to the close proximity of the local shops, restaurants, and services within the district to the residential neighborhoods and popular public beaches.  With Pacific Coast Highway being the major artery running through the village business district, it is important to maintain the pedestrian safe environment, provide adequate parking for the local merchants, and protect the residents from beach goers and employees embarking on their neighborhoods.

The CDM BID is committed to implementing short and long-term parking management plans for Corona del Mar’s Business District.

Parking goals include:

  • Revising the zoning code to create appropriate development standards.
  • Increase public parking supply through shared parking agreements with private property owners.
  • Better manage employee parking requirements and strategies.
  • Restripe existing parking to maximize parking supply.
  • Increase supply of secure and convenient bicycle parking.
  • Improve awareness of and access to underutilized parking facilities with way-finding improvements.
  • Establish a monitoring and evaluation program.
  • If needed, explore options with paid parking or residential passes to ensure parking availability.
  • If needed or possible, implement a free shuttle service to remote parking facilities.
  • As needed, implement a peak period valet service.
  • In 2019, the BID was able to facilitate changes to the parking time limits from 1 hour to 2 hours, assisting the local business climate.

Parking Studies

The BID formed a Parking Sub-committee that worked closely with the City on conducting a revised Parking Study that concentrated on better assess and mobility of today’s patrons of the CdM Business District.  Determining the various ways patron’s arrive could serve useful in implementing zoning or parking requirement changes. The parking study was completed in 2018 (please see below).

Previous CdM Parking Studies:

Pedestrian Safety

A very important aspect of the original “Vision Plan” for Corona del Mar was to enhance and preserve the pedestrian friendly village atmosphere of the business district.  Shortly after the City of Newport Beach was able to relinquish the portion of Coast Hwy through Corona del Mar from Cal Trans, the CDM BID was able to establish much needed lighted pedestrian crosswalks in the highly traveled areas of Orchid and Iris Avenue.

Bicycle Safety

As the number of bicyclists increased throughout the village of Corona del Mar, the CDM BID provided cyclists a place to park and lock their bikes as they enjoyed the local merchants.  The installation of 50 bike racks throughout the village had many welcome benefits

Benefits of Bike Rack Installation……

  • Enforce the concept goal of a great walking & biking community.
  • Remove bicycles from obstructing pedestrians at locations such as store doorways.
  • Protect trees and shrubbery from damage by parked bikes
  • Encouraged local bicycle use for community neighbors when patronizing CDM merchants to increase available parking spaces.
  • Will be good for business. People who arrive at a location by bicycle tend to live nearby and will be loyal customers when provided with secure, convenient bike parking.

Road Share Program “Sharrows”

The CDM BID worked with the City of Newport Beach on promoting the Sharrows Road Share Program enforcing safety and awareness for motorists and bicyclists sharing the road through the Corona del Mar Village.