Corona del Mar BID
Assessment Billing Questions

 What is the Assessment Bill?

The Corona del Mar Business Improvement District (CDM BID) was created in 1999 by the City of Newport Beach at the request of the businesses within the district of Corona del Mar and is renewed in the Spring of each year by City Council.

The businesses that fall within the district boundaries and have a valid business license in the City of Newport Beach become benefiting members of the CDM BID for their business location.  As required by City ordinance, these businesses are assessed an annual levy which is reinvested back into the business district through various mean of physical and economic improvement projects contributing to the overall vision of Corona del Mar. The BID assessment is a legally mandated tax on your business, just like your business license or property tax. The levy is based on a percentage of your business license fee and assessed on an annual basis.


Pursuant to Parking and Business Improvement Area Law of 1989, California Streets and Highways Code Section 36500 et. seq.

How are the Assessments Determined?

The assessment for all businesses within the District shall be 150 percent of the annual business license tax as established pursuant the City Municipal Code. However, there are exceptions to this rule as noted below:

  • Banks and financial institutions that are exempt from City business license regulations shall be assessed $500 per year.
  • Insurance agencies that are exempt from City business license regulations shall be assessed $250 per year.
  • Persons operating one of the following types of businesses as an independent contractor in an establishment owned by another person shall be exempt from this assessment.
    • Hair stylists
    • Nail technicians
    • Real estate agents

The owner of the business location will be responsible for the assessment as noted above.

What are the District Boundaries?

The Corona del Mar Business Improvement District boundaries start at Avocado Avenue proceeding east to the western edge of Buck Gully near Hazel Drive.

What if my Business Doesn’t Directly Benefit from the BID?

But it does! You are a member of a community that derives its strength from cooperative action. You have selected the location of your business because of location desirability and environment; as the appearance and success of your business neighborhood improves, these three factors will improve as well.

Who Do I Contact About my Billing?

The City of Newport Beach has hired an independent contractor to administer the Business Improvement District. This company sends out billing, collects and deposits the funds for the City of Newport Beach. If you have any questions or complaints about your bill, or are no longer within the benefit area, please contact:

Community Business Solutions

(949) 200-9851
P.O. Box 34
Corona del Mar, CA 92625